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Written on February 1, 2014 under News.

Hello! I’ve been rather quiet during 2013, only participating with #ScreenshotSaturday now and then. However, 2014 is now upon us and I can’t stay in the dark forever.

After doing some reading about putting yourself and your games out there as an indie developer, I’ve come to realize there’s a dangerous pitfall of spending all your effort in the development of the game alone, hoping your game will advertise itself, with nobody around to care about it come release day. That’s why it’s important to be proactive and somewhat assertive.

Sharing work-in-progress has proven to be difficult. While events such as Screenshot Saturday can be very effective, and the times participated resulted in quite a few Twitter followers, the weekly event is very difficult to maintain if you want to dazzle people continuously.

Finally having this website online is a nice boost of motivation. While still in its early stages, it should look quite nice once art and screenshots of the upcoming games are added!

I’m going to make an honest effort to write about the games on a regular basis, and would love to share insight on the technical side of game development as well.

Thanks for reading, and thanks for checking in!